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~FREE PDF ⚖ Paying the Tab: The Costs and Benefits of Alcohol Control ⚔ What drug provides Americans with the greatest pleasure and the greatest pain The answer, hands down, is alcohol The pain comes not only from drunk driving and lost lives but also addiction, family strife, crime, violence, poor health, and squandered human potential Young and old, drinkers and abstainers alike, all are affected Every American is paying for alcohol abuse Paying the Tab, the first comprehensive analysis of this complex policy issue, calls for broadening our approach to curbing destructive drinking Over the last few decades, efforts to reduce the societal costs curbing youth drinking and cracking down on drunk driving have been somewhat effective, but woefully incomplete In fact, American policymakers have ignored the influence of the supply side of the equation Beer and liquor are far cheaper and readily available today than in the s and s Philip Cook s well researched and engaging account chronicles the history of our attempts to legislate morality, the overlooked lessons from Prohibition, and the rise of Alcoholics Anonymous He provides a thorough account of the scientific evidence that has accumulated over the last twenty five years of economic and public health research, which demonstrates that higher alcohol excise taxes and other supply restrictions are effective and underutilized policy tools that can cut abuse while preserving the pleasures of moderate consumption Paying the Tab makes a powerful case for a policy course correction Alcohol is too cheap, and it s costing all of us As seen on Freakonomics As seen on Freakonomics Very informative book about the history of alcohol in the USA, taking a close look at taxation, controls, and effects of drinking. Excellent analysis of alcohol control social policy methods, weighing the pros and cons of different approaches with evaluation of evidence from major scientific studies Clearly presented and, for a complex topic such as this one, readable and balanced discussion. alcohol policy from the public health point of view better written andsensitive to liberty and health questions than i expected but nothin new or special. Amazing how malleable we are this is a nice example of behavioral economics applied and thoughtfully analyzed in the contexts of costs Small increases can still make a meaningful difference in behavior, and I appreciate his attempts to quantify the benefits of social drinking as well though viewing the human impact of sociability purely in terms of financial gain professional productivity is a dismally capitalist view in my book.