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&READ E-PUB ✒ The Mighty Gents. ⇻ Ten years before the time of the play The Mighty Gents had been a power in the streets of the Newark black ghetto proud, feared and sure of the promise of the future But now, at thirty, the glory years are gone, and the few Gents who still acknowledge their leader, Frankie, are mired in slum defeatism and a sense of nowhere to go Unemployed and bitter, they hang around street cor ners guzzling wine and cracking jokes and deriding the two characters who symbolize what are, in truth, the only alternatives really left to them the drunken derelict, Zeke, and the flashy small time racketeer, Braxton In a desperate attempt to resurrect The Mighty Gents, Frankie takes his men on one final raid the robbery and accidental murder of Braxton But, in the electrifying conclusion of the play, their brief victory turns to ashes and ends in the destruction of Frankie, brought about, ironically, by the de spised and rejected Zeke