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!Download E-pub ⚪ Changing Tunes: The Use of Pre-Existing Music in Film õ The study of pre existing film music is now a well established part of Film Studies, covering classical music and popular music Generally, these broad musical types are studied in isolation This anthology brings them together in twelve focused case studies by a range of scholars, including Claudia Gorbman, Jeongwon Joe, Raymond Knapp, and Timothy Warner The first section explores art music, both instrumental and operatic it revolves around the debate on the relation between the aural and visual tracks, and whether pre existing music has an integrative function or not The second section is devoted to popular music in film, and shows how very similar the functions of popular music in film are to the supposedly elite classical music and opera Case studies in partEyes Wide Shut, Raging Bull, Brief Encounter, D tective, The Godfather Part III, three versions of the Carmen story DeMille s, Preminger s and Rosi s , Amadeus, The Birth of a Nation, M Eine Stadt sucht einen M rder, Needful Things, Rat Race Case studies in partvarious films by Almod var, Young Frankenstein, Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, Am lie, High Fidelity, Ghost World, Heavenly Creatures, The Virgin Suicides, and the video Timber by Coldcut