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TouchingThe author has so much strength and courage I believe that his faith has everything to do with his strength A must read for everyone. .FREE PDF ♫ TenderHeart ♞ Inspired by actual events, TenderHeart is an emotionally gripping biographical story of one young man s struggle with abuse, hatred and pain inflicted by all the people who were supposed to love him The story chroniclesthan 40 years of heartaches and healings Learn of the miracles that turned mistakes into messages, hurts into healings, and pain into power This book will give you the strength, faith, confidence and wisdom you need to break through whatever is holding you back to achieving your dreams and aspirations You owe it to yourself to see what can be accomplished when you choose not to believe the lies people have told about you and choose rather to believe that you can do all things through Christ Don t delay, you have nothing to lose but the hurt you have bottled inside you all these years Whether that hurt is from your childhood, your adolescence or it is from the pain of divorce, you will be comforted by TenderHeart This book is for anyone who has ever felt unloved Aren t we all TenderHearts at some point in our lives