!KINDLE ⚖ A Taste for Risk: Complete Series ♥ PDF or E-pub free

!KINDLE ⚕ A Taste for Risk: Complete Series ⚖ In these four stories of gay public sex in risky places, all by E Davies, you ll be pleasantly surprised with the variety of risky sexual situations the main characters find themselves in From the beach to an adults only night at a mini golf course, there s always a hot encounter to be had with a stranger or even a friend From the story about the young businessman on a plane to a conference who turns gay for the mile high club flight to the story of two hot young guys at a laundromat with nothing else to do but each other, you re sure to vicariously enjoy these men and their public thrills This bundle offers a % discount over the individual stories The stories in this bundle include Your Dirty Laundrywords Kyle and Matt, a recent graduate and a current college student, meet in an empty laundromat and decide to pass the time as only a pair of hot young men would with clothes ripping, adult fun They end up heading back to Kyle s room, but Matt still has a few surprises up his sleeve What else do you do when you have an hour to wait until the dryer is done Flying a Mile Highwords Straight young businessman Tyler is seated next to hot, dominant, and definitely gay Kevin on a plane They start talking to pass time and Tyler finds himself and interested Before he knows it, he gives in to his one gay fantasy and finds himself taking the ultimate risks with Kevin on their half empty plane and hoping nobody catches them His Mini Golf Hole in Onewords Ross, who once went on a few dates with handsome hunk Jason, feels like he s been relegated to wingman status Turns out Jason s interested in him than he thought as he invites him to a gay singles night at an unusual venue a glow in the dark mini golf course Innuendo abounds between the two of them, and before long, they make a friendly bet on winning the front nine and back nine, complete with appropriate and very inappropriate rewards A Stranger at the Beachwords It s a beautiful Wednesday at the clothing optional beach, and campus bookstore employee Stephen plans to enjoy his day off After fantasizing about the hot beach volleyball team playing nearby and taking what he thinks will be his boldest risk yet, he finds himself seduced by a gorgeous graduate student, Adam Adam pushes him to the limits as they hope to avoid being interrupted while they have fun in public Warning This bundle of short stories contains scenes of an explicit nature between consenting adults and is intended only for anaudience