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^Download E-pub ⇹ Not Far from the Tree ☙ Young lady, you are in trouble now Two men have spotted you and are headed this way One man grabbed Rebekah by her arm and said, Look what we found Rebekah drew her sword, swung around, and ran her sword through his shoulder He fell backward to the floor, screaming in pain The other man drew his sword and said, Okay, little missy, you want to play swords Let s play Before he took his first swing, Rebekah whipped her sword around and with two swings knocked his sword from his hand, almost removing his hand in the process Sail the high seas with Princess Rebekah Martin her first mate, Jack Reese and the unpredictable pirates that are under her command Join Rebekah as she and her band of buccaneers raid ships for gold and silver bullion in retaliation for England taking away Rebekah s father s kingdom But the vengeance Rebekah seeks doesn t stop there She is also on the hunt for the man who murdered her father before her very eyes On her journey for revenge, Rebekah meets up with other pirates and bounty hunters, as well as enemies whose only goal is to end her life