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HELL YES.Last installment, and I m sad to see it end, but it was an amazing ride So many details to fully give you an experience of one s life through so much LIFE and love, horror and tragedy, and adventure I love this series.It ended well, and I m thankful for the way the author finished it all together.DEFINITE READ. (((READ EBOOK))) ↞ Death's Dawn ⇹ Death s Dawn is the conclusion to the five book Blue Fire series and Tianna s journey of self discovery Kai s attack on Haven has plunged the Draak into an all out battle for their survival, but the race of shapeshifting dragons must survive or all of Lagrangia will be lost to the evil that has steadily engulfed the land The constant battle has plunged both the human and magical worlds into chaos, leaving the Draak and a handful of allies the only ones fighting back But they can t face this evil on their own Lagrangia must put aside their fears and learn to stand together as one The time has come for the prophecy to be fully realized Although many have put their faith in its words and believed it would somehow see them through, the birth of Tianna s twins one by each of her mates has made the path fate has laid out seem even unclear The twins now possess uniquely different but extremely powerful gifts Onyx, the daughter of Kai, has fully released her Warrior Dragon If she can learn to control this inner nature, her skills would be unmatched in all of Lagrangia Crys, the son of Nathaniel, has been given the gifts of the Faye and, although he doesn t fight with a sword, his fighting skills have the potential to be molded into something just as deadly But who will fate choose as the prophesied savior of Lagrangia Although Onyx and Tia have been forced to witness first hand the extent of Kai s evil, neither can stop their hearts from loving him If they can t find a way to turn his back on his wicked ways, they ll be forced to face the fact that he must be destroyed in order to save those they consider family Will Kai fall at the hands of Crys with the strength of the Faye standing beside him Dawn is approaching and only when the morning mist clears will Lagrangia learn who ll be left standing and whether peace or forever darkness will be waiting for them Death s dawnI so enjoyed this long story of a powerful family and the love of bounds it is well written with lots of our feelings coming from each person in the story have enjoyed my time in there lives AWESOME AWESOME SERIES Ireally enjoyed the 5 book series Paulette Milleris an awesome writer and I am looking forward to readingof her work.Would be nice to see a movie of the series I would recommend the series toanyone Keep up the good work Paulette Miller. Lovedd this series Definatley think there s room for a follow up Really really brill loved every second of reading it, can t believe its over, great series.if your looking for adventure, romance, twist in plots this series is for you I m so sad it s over a great ending to a fantastic saga