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Even better than the first book, which is one of my favorites What I love is that it is about real people, the struggles they go through and how they depend on each other and God to help them get through life The story is so muchinteresting than a lot of christian novels these days that seem to only focus on women who are looking for a love relationship Yes, that is part of the plot, but there is so muchas well. Loved this book Why I waited so long to read it is beyond me Couldn t put the book down and then when I came to the last chapter, I didn t want to read as that meant the story was over I laughed and cried and fell in love with the characters Hope to see this book turned into a movie one day Well done my friend Keep writing &FREE PDF ↟ Blind Hope (a Sequel to Blinders) ☠ ABOUT THE BOOK The words love, hope, and dreams are synonymous with family at least that s what Eugene and Annie Wyatt believe As they raise two sons on their horse and cattle farm outside of Louisville, Kentucky, life has a way of testing that love, crushing hope, and shattering dreams In the face of the Ku Klux Klan, a thousand year flood, and a wayward son, the family s strength is strained to its limit and yet able to weather each storm But when their faith is put to an unimaginable test with the world engulfed in war for a second time, all hope appears to be lost Sometimes God plants a seed of hope so strong within a mother s heart that nothing on earth can snatch it away Not even death itself ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kristy Shelton is a long time teacher, coach, and mission leader at Greater Atlanta Christian School She and her husband, Cliff, live in Duluth, Georgia Despite her busy lifestyle, writing has fulfilled a deep creative need from within She considers her two novels, Blinders and Blind Hope, to be a gift from God, pure and simple