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(((Ebook))) ⇻ Breathing in Space ⇗ Ally flies and Stem shoots Ally and Stem are free They ve escaped the Atrile and are finally on their way to earth But the universe is a big place and as they already know, little is as it seems In need of oxygen, Ally and Stem stop at a space station run by a mysterious benefactor, Nephal Out of cash, they take part in the daily contest, one on one battles with the other explorers But things begin to go awry, first on the station itself and then between the two of them Is Stem paranoid Did the battle on the Nexus destroy all hope of him finding his powers And can Ally hold them together when all she wants to do is fly Part four of A Game of War throws Ally and Stem into another adventure where nothing is quite what it seems, and no one is to be trusted