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( Read Book ) Ä The Secret That Intervened Í Hailey Reed and Cody Altwater have been best friends since the age of five They fell in love with each other during adolescence, but she ended up pregnant at the age of seventeen to her boyfriend, Jason Peters Wanting to keep her family together, Hailey refused to acknowledge her love for Cody and remained a loyal and supportive girlfriend instead A now twenty two year old Hailey chases a fate that isn t hers and moves to New York City with Jason Months later, she finds herself back in her small hometown, questioning everything about life and her decision to move away With nothing standing between them, Cody and Hailey s love ignites, but they may be about to find out just how fragile love can be When Erin Maddox, Hailey s jealous nemesis, spins a web of lies that flips Hailey s world upside down it leaves her with a soul crushing secret Desperate to keep her secret concealed, she pushes everyone away, especially Cody Cody is determined to help Hailey unravel herself from a downward spiral But is it too late Recommended for readersand up The Secret That IntervenedI thought this was a good read The book kept my interest and I couldn t put it down The author covered a lot of different everyday issues some people facedrugs, alcohol, rape, rejection, and abuse I was a little nervous towards the end of the book as to how the book would actually endbut I was very satisfied with the outcome A good read I am kinda hoping the author writes a book about Taylor and Peyton s story. Is a great book to read 3.5 stars