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|READ E-PUB ☥ Shrouded in Pompei ☸ In this intriguing new mystery novel, bestselling author Lisa Fantino weaves the elements of murder and crime with an international flavor across three continents Can Mickey Malone follow this twisting web of international intrigue from the ancient lands of Pompei to Washington, London and Beijing Can she make the connections to some of Washington s power players before the American people lose their identity This riveting murder and political thriller combines reality and the possibility of what can happen in a world where ethics and morals yield to the greed and avarice of power It is a story that is relevant than ever as the nation gears up for its next Presidential election campaign Author Lisa Fantino takes the standard political potboiler and turns it on its head without apology Her character, broadcast journalist Mickey Malone, exposes the intricate political dirty tricks and maneuvers lurking power behind the throne Find out who would protect these secrets at any cost, even murder, to keep the American people in the dark Join Mickey Malone to discover what lies Shrouded in Pompei