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[[ Read E-pub ]] ë Tears of Abandon í Several college friends start planning a two week kayak trip down an Alaskan river during the summer ofSoon there are five young people headed to Alaska for a river expedition As the trip unfolds and the group gets farther into the wilderness a strange whispering sound attracts their attention The wonderful vacation begins to take a turn for the worse when they follow the sounds and find something long lost and quite unexpected Great book Unique and suspense I recommend if you like a scary story but don t want blood and guts all the time I m sick of those stories Oliver did good with this one Thumb up. See full review Katie s CornerThis is the second book that I ve read by Oliver Phipps The first one was A Tempest Soul Tears of Abandon is absolutely amazing book It hooked me up from the first pages and I couldn t stop reading until I finished it The style of writing and the language of the book makes the reader feel as if he she is inside the book, rather just being a solely observer Oliver Phipps doesn t just state something, but he makes small arrangements here and there, tells us small details, keeping us on the thin line between the truth and our own imagination And even in the end he just leaves the ending open, so we can think of our own ending, to give our imagination a stepping stone to interpret every mystery how we like.I enjoyed the book for many reasons definitely for its description of wilderness and the human nature I really liked how the author portrayed the characters Every one of them was interesting n a way And when the things turned to the worse everyone showed their true nature From some you expected no less, but it still shocks you how some people act in different situations The way Phipps describes Alaska, or just nature, makes you see it right in front of you It may be only me, but whenever I m reading suspense or a mystery And if there is either ghost town or gold hunting involved, my imagination starts working on it own, drawing conclusions, making hypothesis as to why this or that happened and a lot of What if s Somewhere in the middle of the book the book this whole process started, and then because I spooked myself with my theories I had to stop otherwise I was going to start seeing all those ghost in real life Okay getting back to the story.Are you a fan of a mystery story, which spooks you a lot and leaves you with a feeling that everything just told is real Were you just planning to go kayaking in Alaska Or you just want something short to read but with a good style and a great quality Well, this book is just for you Find yourself in a quite a mismatching company of friends Stay with them though their journey down the Alaskan river, and find yourself lost and confused in a lost city Are you reading for this kind of adventure Grab your copy now get a comfortable chair a cup of hot tea or coffee and indulge yourself in this amazing work by Oliver Phipps. TBHOS BOOK REVIEWS A Review by Nicole S Aviles Tears of Abandon by Oliver Phipps Tears of Abandon by Oliver Phipps, is my FOURTH Phipps novel I connected with his other books Tempest Soul, etc a bit than I do with suspense, but over all I still liked and enjoyed it.In the past, I have done thoroughly explained reviews but at the cost of losing the shock value, I am not going to summarize this one What I will say is that it s a chilling tale of mystery and absolutely thrilling.I like Phipps because his writing style and prose are very delicate His characters are never exaggerated or ridiculous, they are real, regular humans in extraordinary circumstances Like Stephen King, he picks every day people I appreciate that I think that Phipps has grown a lot, I see the differences from the first novels, to the latest, and if you enjoy an author who is willing to dabble in multi genre d fictional stories, then Phipps is your man Tears is a very interesting read, with plenty of surprises It opens with a mystique that follows through to the end Only small grammatical errors caused the book to be of slightly less value, but cleaned up this one is a killer story, and may just be one of the better ones A very tricky, and unique plot makes this one a very good penning, and I guarantee you won t know the ending, making it original Though some errors as stated, the creative plot makes this one still, five stars for me GREAT book, highly recommended.Great read. I loveddddd ittttt Wow What started out as a mystery quickly turned into a creepy ghost story I loved it You have to read this book.The book starts out as Jack, Cindy, and Rich want to go kayaking in Alaska They talk Drew and his new girlfriend Beth into coming along So they hop a plane to Alaska and spend the night in a hotel The next morning, they are greeted by a van with 3 kayaks They stop at a store for supplies Beth, fascinated by a bottle learns from the store owner it came from a lost town called Whisper from the gold rush days Drew buys it for her They make their way down the river Bout two weeks later they hear a whispering sound and stop to explore They found abandon cabins and a cave w a hole in ground This is where the whispering is coming from But its human voices It is a ghost town Will they make it out alive That is for you to read I loved this book and highly recommend its creepiness.