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`Read E-pub Î Lights µ Vera Lights is a former Broadway star whose life has taken a new direction Now a single mother living in a hotel in midtown Manhattan with her two young children, Henry and Loretta, Vera does her best to protect and nurture them, despite her meager resources Alone after failed marriages and with seemingly no hope for a career revival, she must rely on her inner strength to carry her through her exhausting days.While Vera works as a waitress in a Broadway diner to make ends meet, Henry and Loretta grow up in a dark, challenging world in which vagrants, pimps and drug dealers own the street corners, police turn a blind eye, and tourists avoid Times Square But as life comes full circle and a resurrection of Broadway and midtown Manhattan begins, Vera and her children may be able to rise from the depths of despair and breathe life back into their dreams.Lights is a poignant, sweeping story of revival as a Broadway actress attempts to restore her hope, faith, and separate destinies for her family while living in a city marked by hate, ignorance, and poverty. I received Lights on a goodreads giveaway.First thing first, I visited New York once and let s just say some on the details in this book was like visions going through my head from my past The author did a good job by giving description of each place and details He can set that mental image in your head about what he wants you to understand The story line and characters are good Lights, give you a excellent events and people, and I feel like they are brought to life What I really like was that the story starts the young children off young and as the book progress you can basically watch them grow up and face their everyday struggles Vera, the mom, is very passionate, and personally I feel like that you got to read the struggles that she goes through to raise her children alone, can be related to most moms without the famous part of course.Second, I want to say is that I notice grammar, as well as, punctuation errors in this book as well They were easily noticeable and felt like they were just small minor things, that could ve been fixed.In all, I really liked the book It has a great storyline as well as visionary details Lights got my attention with its beautiful cover which I think is bold yet simplistic in its approach and with its subtitle s references to faith and hope, two overall themes I read about often.Yet, upon starting the novel and later looking through of it, I found that the book could have used another round of editing, at the least to make the characters dialogue speech natural and realistic, according to who they are and where they re from, and to correct the errors in grammar, punctuation, etc The unusual style and wording of the narration and dialogue gave me the sense of reading about a story and not reading the story itself, and I decided not to continue.I ve little doubt that there s a heartfelt message of faith and hope in this novel that other readers may enjoy.I received a free copy of this book, for which I give my honest review, through Goodreads First Reads. I found this book moving and inspirational This story was also very well written and gripping, well done.