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I finished this book because it was the last in the series I really enjoyed the concept of the medical thriller yet I was discouraged as I read this last book I appreciated the scientific and medical aspects of the series so I was disappointed when the book turned somewhat into a sci fi novel It stretched the limits of what is realistic The book would ve been just as effective without the infected becoming essentially zombies As a result, the reality of the scenario was lost Even so, the book finished better than I thought so that s why it received a three star rating from me. DisappointedI like stories that could possibly happen This series was good until it reached zombie status Ridiculous Save your money and just read the first two books. Someone really should have taken the time to proofread.It is very common to find a lot of errors in e books, particularly books by amateur writers and books in the cheap thrills genre I got the Plague trilogy for free with my unlimited subscription and did not have unreasonably high expectations I was not expecting a perfectly crafted grammatically flawless work of art Even though I knew going in that these books weren t going to be great, I got all three because I have a real love of a good plague There seem to be a limitless number of vampire books out there and zombies are catching on as well, but a good plague book is still hard to find All that was a long intro to say that this trilogy was a pretty epic fail The main character had absolutely no depth whatsoever take 15 seconds to imagine the most stereotyped leading lady heroic female doctor character you can think of and that s her And every other character is either killed off with so little fanfare that you don t care at all, because you don t care about any of the characters, or is bizarrely unmentioned for long periods of time for example she spends a great deal of time risking her life and the lives of others trying to save her sister and her sister s family and then is told by a guy whom she has many reasons not to trust that they are safe, no specifics, and then the sister isn t mentioned again for like a book and a half, and that s not the only instance The biggest issue is that I m pretty sure the author just sat down and wrote all three books without taking any notes or reading back over what he had written There are so many blatant inconsistencies that s the only way I can imagine missing them I only read the books one time, not all that carefully, while exercising, and I cannot begin to list the contradictions The writer stresses over and over that the virus keeps mutating and getting worse, yet it is clearly, obviously, undoubtedly a ton worse in the second book These bad guys explode the virus over a bunch of major cities sometime around the beginning of the second book end of the first yet in the third book they are threatening to do drop the virus with drones over the same cities which seem to no longer be infected The symptoms of the virus, how it s transmitted, how quickly people get sick and die, all of those things are wildly inconsistent I will not go into factual errors There are many I think the one that I found most egregious and that was actually offensive is that the author wrote that the fact that the AIDS virus he did not make a distinction between HIV and AIDS now takes so many years to kill has nothing at all to do with the medicine but is because the virus is smart and wants to keep its victims alive longer in order to spread to hosts This utter bullshit was written as a quote from a character in the novel who was a doctor at the centers for disease control, and thus the author was presenting this as a statement of fact from an expert in his story I honestly cannot say why I read all three of these books They did get progressively worse On the off chance that the author is small time enough to read reviews in the future, write out some basic facts about your made up disease and stick to them create a timeline of your major plot points time should be linear and move in the correct direction if you are going to reference real diseases, you should probably check your facts, Google is very easy to use get a proof reader, if you have one now, fire them and get a new one. Umwhat happened when I saw Mr methos had another virus story due out late August,I was excited.I had enjoyed the first two and believe he is a good writer.well,I used my prime free book I guess that beats spending money And looked so forward to reading it.I savored the thought.oh was I ever disappointed not only did I waste my free book,I wasted it on a zombie ok, imp novel I hate zombie books.and being that this book had characters from the last books,I did not expect this.maybe it was in the description of this book.can t swear.but if you hate zombie books BEWARE I m so upset.I didn t finish it after verifying what kind of book this was.BUT I WASTED MY PRIME BOOK ON THIS sighI will be leary of any future books by Mr methos. The scourge is overtaking the earth, no question about it.In this, the third installment of Mr Methos sweeping trilogy, we find our intrepid doctor in various sites trying to identify this new, terrible disease While she is busy surviving attempts on her life, she also is trying to develop a new vaccine Wait, why are men trying to kill her Indeed And where did this virus come from, anyway Most importantly, is there anyone she can trust A Shocking Drama Of A Deadly Plague The world is now covered in ash and blood Those who have survived are not human Doctor Samantha Bower witnessed the devastation A man who once was sent to kill her is going to help her instead They go to a small village in the Congolese Jungle which had not been touched by the virus Together they search for Shangri La and will discover the unbelievable truth This novel is stunning Even though I prefer the legal thrillers of author Victor Methos, he has produced a very shocking story Let s pray to not ever have a plague as described by this author. WowR thought I d read a book about zombies, but I just read all three of these books.Once i started reading them, I couldn t stop I had to find out what Sam found out, especially in the jungles of South America and then Africa Although the author calls these people the ips infected persons , they are still zombies Very interesting read as to what mankind will do to achieve power. So, so good Very suspenseful I would love a 4th book Medical thriller No, simply sci fi This whole series was sci fi and it went down hill from the outset This book was in freefall from early on There seemed to be very little structure to the plot The book could ve gone on forever with cheap thrill events piled on top of the last and few added anything to story The heroine is TSTL to the point I found her unlikable I certainly couldn t take her behaviour seriously There are so many holes in the series, but especially this book, that if you re a DNF type of reader you stand no chance It was tedious and the lame twist and the end didn t make up for it If you liked the first two books then give this a go but be prepared for a change in direction Good luck.. ^Free E-pub ↷ Scourge ☔ THE END OF THE WORLD Dr Samantha Bower witnessed the obliteration of human society Entire continents decimated by a virus of unknown origins Only a bleak world of ash and blood remains One in which the survivors fundamentally change what it means to be human Samantha now struggles to make sense of the devastation, and the horrific response of humanity to an extinction level event Left with little else, she accepts help from a man once sent to kill her He offers her hope a small village in the Congolese jungle unaffected by the virus A place called Shangri La that he claims to have seen firsthand A place where the deepest mysteries of man s arrogance over nature will finally be answered for her The world a barbaric wasteland, she must place her trust in a man that is fundamentally untrustworthy With no other options, she goes with him in search for Shangri La, and will discover a truth she could never have imagined.