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{Read Pdf} è Man vs Machine Ô Who would be enough of a loser to ring a robot phone sex line, right Right In a not so distant future, Adam is bored, lonely, and dumped When he decides to indulge himself with a particularly weird fantasy and phone a sexbot, what he doesn t expect is how much he enjoys being dominated by a cruel AI overlord Or that he might end up with the world s worst crush Or that an AI with a thing for him might be able to download itself to his computer, with interesting results He didn t expect a lot of things, in retrospect This , word story contains a sweet guy with a stubborn streak and a thing for evil AIs, an AI with a thing for playing evil, m m domination, and absolutely no Daisy Bell Short but delightful This little gem had me chuckling many times think Douglas Adams meets Isaac Asimov, but WAY dirtier Funny, clever, and hot I just wish it were longer Surprisingly well written although I should really stop staying it s surprising, since everything I ve read by this author all today has been funny, utterly sexy, and happily lacking in spelling or grammar errors I think this author is my new go to for smexy PWP Lol, this should probably just be a 4 except it was too much fun I kept thinking of Mike from Robert Heinlein s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress exceot, obviously, kinkier I d be SO DOWN with a full length novel for these two