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!Epub ⚇ The Muslim Prime Minister...a love story ♟ Consider the day when finally you realize you would never find your girl around you ever again in your life and that she is gone forever All your life you been busy and now when she s gone you eventually realize the gravity of her presence in your life One who was always there even if you did not notice But she s just memories now Moreover, imagine the weight of the guilt if you come to know she died saving you Step into the shoes of Faizan Ahmed Khan who remembers his initial days when he first met Dr Aarti, a medical school student, and how he eventually fell in love with her It is a love story of a Prime Minister who is married to a Hindu girl and further depicts the causality between his personal life and politics The novel focuses on the three phases his initial life, his struggle to reach to the apex and finally his downfall It would also throw light on the pious matrimonial relation of a PM husband and a doctor wife, most essentially, the role of Aarti, the wife, in Faizan s the husband life Moreover, as you read, discover what actually did happen that made Faizan lose his Aarti, hence paying a bitter price for his only mistake in politics The novel is worth reading It had lots of bends and surprises and a delightful ending. It was a political experience but Still story not ends I am searching second part of book Is it not released yet