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( DOWNLOAD E-PUB ) ♏ Beyond Enkription (The Burlington Files #1) ☥ Beyond Enkription is set inin the heart of the disco fevered s, the Cold War and the escalating Irish Troubles in the purportedly united British Isles Roger and Sara Burlington have been involved in espionage sinceWhile Roger is still a member of the Joint Intelligence Committee, Sara s address book appears to be like a Who s Who of NATO s intelligence services than a housewife s little black book Both Roger and Sara desperately wanted their sons, Hugh and Edward, to follow in their footsteps but things didn t go to plan given Edward s rebellious nature As a consequence, Edward unwittingly ends up working as an MI asset Early inhe is nearly killed not once, but four times Indirectly it is all MI s fault so far as his parents are concerned Sara decides someone high up in MI has to pay and persuades Roger to exact revenge Meanwhile Edward is sent to supposed safety from London town to Nassau to continue his career as an accountant However, the CIA has a representative on the Joint Intelligence Committee and is therefore already aware of Edward s exploits and capabilities They turn him into their asset withinhours of his landing in Nassau Meanwhile Hugh s involvement with MI becomes increasingly intriguing as the entangled plots and layered webs of deceit, betrayal and revenge reverberate across the world and throughout the Burlington family and their trusted supporters