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|Read Book Ñ Bianca's Regression ç Oh god Something was happening Something very bad I felt the wetness of it before I felt its warmth I listened to the click clack of the swinging balls of his toy and tried desperately to calm myself I I murmured, feeling my bladder emptying itself all over my starched black skirt I I didn t know what to do Had he noticed Could he smell it You can t not notice it when someone wets themself in front of you, surely I took a quick glance at the damp patch between my legs, then looked up at the boss He was staring, really staring at me, waiting for answer Well he asked After an unfortunate accident during her job interview, Bianca is sure that she will have to keep looking for work When she s told that she got the job, she can t quite believe it What she doesn t realize is that this is a job like no other, which will change her forever Soon, she s going to be looking forward to her special, one on one time with her boss Soon, she s going to be so deeply regressed, that all she ll want to do is wear her diaper, and drink her milk, and be well behaved Even troubling are the strong feelings she starts to develop for her enigmatic boss This book contains strong ABDL themes including a grown woman being made to wear a diaper, wetting, scat and other explicit, sexual situations