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[[ Read Pdf ]] Ö Caliber: First Canon of Justice #1 ô In the far reaches of the Pacific Northwest lies a world where lawlessness runs rampant Only a mystical six shooter called Caliber forged from the metal of the legendary sword Excalibur can restore peace to the region With this legendary weapon in hand and his loyal posse at his side, Arthur must fulfill his destiny and bring obedience to the region before it is lost to the injustices of the ruthless men who inhabit it This was an absolutely stunningly illustrated comic Very realistic and beautiful illustrations.The story is clever, intriguing, and ended far too soon I loved this Issue and can t wait to readIt reminded me a little bit of Wynonna Earp, in a way with the whole gun meant for one person idea, etc It was still very original, despite the feeling of similarities. The panels didn t line up in overdrive and I had to keep resetting the reading settings trying to read all of the panels I got too frustrated I m almost sure the comic is at least decent but since I can t actually read all of the wordsI won t say that. Artwork is really good But why is a Native American Shaman looking for a white person to save him