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@Read Book õ The Fall Volume III: Rest in the Shadow à The world is dead and will never be the same again Everything needed to survive and rebuild is there for the taking, but guarded by a hostile and furious population Nick Harris and Holly Baxter know their only chance depends on their will to engage the population The greatest resources for the survival of humanity are the victims fighting to end it People are dangerous What is your greatest strength as a human Is it your capacity for brutality, a predatory mind, and ruthless ability to kill Faced with immediate death, you will pull the trigger, but is that the best you can do Nick and Holly find in themselves the determination to face reality but also to change it for the better People who rise to their personal best notice each other and form alliances When a people rise to their best they are unstoppable IntriguingI thoroughly enjoyed the 3 books in the series, and wish there wereVery interesting character development of many different characters Definitely made me thinkwhich is always a sign of a great book for me.