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WeightyThese are some incredibly tough thing is to have to wrestle through This is not something to take lightly or think that you understand after reading the short essay Scot is an incredible author and theologian and his words should be taken seriously This would have profound pastoral implications if what he is arguing for is true. Huh I struggled with what exactly the author was trying to communicate, perhaps I lack the depth of theological study necessary I came awayconfused than when I started. Compelling If you re intellectually honest, this book will whether you agree or not with the author s conclusion make you think.And maybe even tremble. |E-PUB ⚇ A Long Faithfulness: The Case for Christian Perseverance ♔ Can we choose and un choose God Or does he choose and un choose us In A Long Faithfulness The Case for Christian Perseverance, theologian Scot McKnight examines what the Bible says about human salvation Inspired in part by a resurgent Calvinist movement and its particular emphasis on God s meticulous sovereignty, McKnight invites us to a clear and captivating discussion about securing the way to eternal life the role God plays, the role we play, and the key Bible passages that illuminate the mystery of salvationMcKnight recounts his own journey of biblical study from his early years of Calvinist conviction to his deep work studying and teaching from the Hebrews Warning Passages There he faces the dominant theme in Calvinism today that of meticulous or exhaustive sovereignty and his exegetical conclusions about these key passages both set him free from the ideas of determinism and kindle a greater sense that the church needs to summon Christians to the necessity of faithfulness for final redemption