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@Free Kindle ⛓ Greenbeaux õ Russell Greenbeaux is running for president as a publicity stunt to draw attention to the discrimination faced by his fellow clowns After listening to voters vent their frustrations about political dysfunction inside the Beltway, he sets aside his clown rights platform and finds his voice as a man with integrity who can bring civility back into political discourse Along the way, his campaign encounters challenges from evil lobbyists, an angry reporter, an odd assortment of third party candidates with obscure agendas, covert infiltration from the major parties, Republicans waiting to be raptured, Democrats who invent mind control technology to win the culture war, and a murder mystery Greenbeaux is similar to other political campaign novels such as Primary Colors that follow the rise of a political movement Its twists and turns highlight the absurdity of a political landscape in which the clown who is running for president makes sense than anyone else in the race