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~Free ⚆ Cheeky Girls ☫ Dear Natasha, You look like a darling baby A little blonde one, just like we have been looking for We d be delighted for you to join our nursery If you want, you can stay with us full time We have a spare cot that is yours if you want it Lots of love, M and D Xxx PS We hope you re not a naughty one We re VERY strict with naughty little girls Three cheeky ABDL tales from Carmen Quick and River Belle The girls in these stories have big appetites and wet diapers You ll be amazed at just how much fun these diaper wearing fully grown women can beSARAH S SCHOOL REUNION Sarah is scared to face her school reunion When she was five years old, Little Sarah didn t get on too well at school But what happens when Sarah goes back now, aged eighteen Mrs Moss, Sarah s old head teacher, has a supply of diapers in her office, and Mr Adams, her homeroom teacher, just wants to look after his pupil Will Sarah have learnt something new about herself when she goes back to life as a five year old again Maybe she ll even find she enjoys school the second time around This , word story contains ABDL themes, a grown woman getting her diaper changed, sexual contact between two women, an erotic M F encounter, and graphic scenes of a sexual natureNAUGHTY NAT GOES TO NURSERY Nat s looking for a new life When she replies to a mysterious advert online, she doesn t hope for much Soon though, she ll be in a brand new household, with people who really know exactly how she likes to be looked after, even if she is a bit naughty This , word story deals with strong ABDL themes including a fully grown woman wearing a diaper, an adult relieving themselves, and other explicit themesDARLA S DINNERTIME Darla only eats French fries, cheese and soft white bread, and she has almost given up hope of ever eating anything else When her doctor recommends a mysterious new treatment, Darla meets the enigmatic and sexy Dr Lacta, and soon she finds a new food that she just loves the taste of This , story contains strong ABDL themes including, a grown woman wearing a diaper, feeding, spanking, F F sex and other explicit content This is a , word bumper trio of ABDL stories All characters in the stories are consenting adults over the age of eighteen Reader discretion is advised You ve been warned Strictly for adults only