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(Free E-pub) ô 2016 and Beyond: How Republicans Can Elect a President in the New America ó Whit Ayres provides both a diagnosis of the GOP s problems and a prescription for the cure In plain language with do s and don ts for Republican candidates and campaigns, Ayres has written the best analysis of current American politics I have read in years Charlie Cook, Editor and Publisher, Cook Political Report Society is changing at unprecedented speeds, and these changes are having dramatic effects on the American political landscapeand Beyond explores public opinion on hot button issues like immigration, health care, gay rights, abortion, national security, taxes and spending, and the role of government With unsparing honesty,and Beyond explains how GOP candidates must adapt to these changes to win the presidency without compromising Republican principles Leading GOP pollster Whit Ayres draws uponyears of campaign experience and data driven research from his own firm and that of other highly respected polling organizations to deliver this insightful commentary The result is a fascinating and highly readable exploration of how new candidates, new messages, and a new tone are needed for Republicans to win the presidency in the New Americaand Beyond belongs in the arsenal of any political junkie, candidate, or student of the game For years, no Republican has thought deeply than Whit Ayres about the implications for his party of the demographic and cultural changes remaking America In this engaging and accessible book, he s produced an intriguing roadmap to this new landscape that should be essential reading for any Republican who wants to win back the White House inany Democrat who wants to stop them and anyone else who wants to understand the evolving political dynamics of a rapidly changing America Ron Brownstein, National Political Reporter, National Journal Dr Whit Ayres is one of the brightest stars in our party, and this book will show you why his is such a respected, influential voice I don t agree with every idea in this book but in a political party that has to attract somemillion votes into elect a Republican president, it is silly to think everybody would agree on everything Ours is a big, broad, diverse party, and we can t let purity be the enemy of victory Governor Haley Barbour, Former Chairman, Republican National Committee and Republican Governors Association Read this book and you will be alarmed Our Republican Party is running out of voters Whit Ayres makes a frighteningly urgent case that, in an increasingly diverse America, we Republicans have to broaden the appeal of our principles to Hispanic and minority voters, millennials and women, or the GOP will soon go the way of the Whigs Alex Castellanos, Founder, NewRepublican Whit Ayres is among the smartest thinkers in American politicsand Beyond is a must read for GOP candidates, campaign operatives, political journalists and anyone who wants to understand American politics today Where I agree with him, I m reassured in the rare places I disagree, I worry that I m wrong Move this book to the top of your priority reading list Steve Hayes, Weekly Standard and FOX News