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!Download Book ♴ Chloe and Tony ⚒ Chloe and Tony Chloe is set to marry Tony, a middle class offspring from the bright, white suburbs However there seems to be one problem, Tony s parents don t agree to the match up and it has everything to do with the color of Chloe s caramel skin Biting her tongue she sits and talks politely with her soon to be parents in law until the tension becomes too much and she retreats to the guest room Tony follows her and shows her just how much he s willing to sacrifice to be with her and Chloe thanks him the best way she knows how There was nothing to it. This book is no longer available on.Nowhere in the description of this book did it say it was a short story And by short, I mean it literally took me 10 minutes to read it Was what I read good Meh But it wasn t even a novella.