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#FREE ⚢ Masons Baby Girl ⚢ Mason catches a small group of teenagers breaking into the luxury mansion he is building for a client They all run off except one who gets stuck whilst climbing out through the window Her name is Hillary, and her naughty butt gets swatted by Mason who then offers to walk her home instead of turning her over to the police Later, he offers her a job He becomes her champion, her protector, her lover, and at forty two the sort of father figure she so badly needs An age play relationship develops between Mason and 22 year old Hillary, and because Mason recognises Hillary s need to be little , he indulges her and spanks her and babies her and diapers her and when she is very naughty he comes up with other ingenious and humiliating punishments Mason becomes her Daddy and one day he takes her to see the surprise he has for her a fantastic old style New England Colonial house in a gated community It is to be their new home, surrounded by other mommies and daddies with their littles Hillary grows to love being Mason s baby girl and life is perfect in every way Publisher s Note Mason s Baby Girl is an erotic short story that includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and anal play If such material offends you, please don t buy this book.