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#Book Î Who, Dares, Runs á Who Dares, Runs has running as a central theme, but it is about so much than that pursuit It is a book about personal development, it is about having the courage to step into life s arena, it is about seizing life and it is about having wonderful ambitions This book is as much about running as Moby Dick is a book about a Whale It s a remarkable story of courage and inspiration, containing precious insights into how the human existence can be transformed by breaking out of our comfort zones It is a story that begins inbut containsyears of adventure thereafter It narrates how the author went from being four stone overweight and a heavy smoker to undertaking an epic marathon challenge that many deemed impossibleMarathons indays What an inspirational story well written a must read for anyone challenging themselves mentally and physically Inspirational I trained for and completed a marathon while reading this book Well not simultaneously