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Some really good advice for beginners, Although, if you have read Two Scoops of Django , a lot of what you read in this book won t be new,but still a recommended read, especially for it s Active link pattern I found the book useful in terms of issues for using and understanding Django better. I am relatively new to Django, When the author said we d be making SuperBook I was excited to build the back end of my own social network website with some assistance I was disappointed to see that it wasn t a full blown tutorial demonstration of best practices that are used while building the back end Nevertheless, it s a great book to revisit some resources out there and on how to maintain your project for the 1.7 version. ^FREE PDF ↴ Django Design Patterns and Best Practices ⇘ Learning how to write better Django code to build maintainable websites either takes a lot of experience or familiarity with various design patterns Filled with several idiomatic Django patterns, Django Design Patterns and Best Practices accelerates your journey into the world of web developmentDiscover a set of common design problems, each tackling aspects of Django including model design and Views, and learn several recommended solutions with useful code examples and illustrations You ll also get to grips with the current best practices in the latest versions of Django and Python Creating a successful web application involves much than Django, so advanced topics including REST, testing, debugging, security, and deployment are also explored in detail