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~Free Pdf ♫ CYBERPUNK ☱ Cyberpunk as you ve never seen it before Science fiction is all about outrageous ideas NiceMalay girls breaking the rules Censorship Brain drain.Moral policing Migrant exploitation All the stuff of fiction,obviously.But these 14 short stories take it one step further Thenice Malay girls are cyborgs The spambots are people Thebrains have drained into cyberspace, and the censorship isinside your head.Welcome to Cyberpunk Malaysia. Cyberpunk was quite hard to finish as I m not a fan of science fiction dystopian and there were just so many scientific terms I know I should take the initiative to google But I really loved the short stories which still highlighted the human nature, the human stories rather than focusing too much on the science of it all My favourites were Sharmilla Ganesan s Personal for exaggerating the horror truth of our attachment to our devices and Ted Mahsun s What The Andromaid Reads at Night for showing us the possibility of a relationship between a robot and a human Tina Isaac s Undercover In Tanah Firdaus reminds me a little bit of the Avatar film There were a few hits and missed which what you would expect from an anthology. I don t know if it s fair to rate a book that I have a story in, but well, I guess I m rating all the stories in the book other than mine Anyway, as much as I was hoping that I would fall desperately in love with Cyberpunk Malaysia, I didn t I liked it well enough It s pretty decent But it s not gripping But as far as debut Malaysian Sci Fi goes, it s a good offering So that s 3.5 stars from me There is a quote I think which says something about writers reflecting the state of their country through their stories I think Cyberpunk Malaysia does that In imagining the near future, the writers in this anthology give vent to their worries about religion and religious control, the greed of our politicians, the growing racial divide, the growing economic divide, the burgeoning anger of the populace, the treatment of foreign workers and the polarizing effect of knowledge or the lack thereof Likes Attack of the spambots Terence Toh What the andromaid reads at night Ted Mahsun The wall that wasn t a wall Kris Williamson The twins Adiwijaya Iskandar October 11 Chin Ai May Undercover in Tanah Firdaus Tina Isaacs Unusual suspects Tariq Kamal The White Mask Zedeck Siew i am not impressed with hey we can see the future type of stories in this collection but if i am destined live long enough, it would be great to have a grab of DMZINE 13 JANUARY 2115. Is it cyberpunk Some of it are close enough Is it engaging and thrilling I d say majority of the featured stories indeed good I am surprised to see the low rating by some of few readers but based on their review, i get why they gave such rating It really is the matter of individual s preferences I picked up this book because i just finished watching Black Mirror Netflix series last month I don t expect it to be amazing and mind boggling like the TV show but yeah, this book has a few moments that brought me back to the certain black mirror s scenes The first 2 stories didn t grip me at all I decided to move on to the 3rd story and i decided if it s still lacking, I wanted to give up reading this book Fortunately, the 3rd story managed to lure me back in Overall, I m rating this as 4 out 5 stars People may not enjoy it as much as i did but i glad i bought this on Google playbook.Here s my favorite list of stories 1 Personal by Sharmilla Ganesan2 Attack of the spambots by Terrence Toh3 What the andromaids read at night by Ted Mahsun4 Kakak by William Tham Wai Liang5 October 11 by Chin Ai May6.The White Mask by Zedeck Siew7 Extracts from DMZINE by Foo Sek HanThe rest of the stories didn t sit well with me I didn t despise them but i didnt enjoy them either.Sidenote I couldn t help but notice how Tanah Firdaus resembles the concept of High Rise both book and movie but I could be wrong though. The good fun, humorous and experimental The Andromaid Reads At NightAttack of the SpambotsExtracts from DMzineThe White Mask I am trying to sound positive but the other stories are not great Some are like knock offs of recent science fiction films especially parts of Undercover In Tanah Firdaus which may be better as a movie, because it read like a screenplay written by a teenager in a few hours and then cramped into a short story Stories like Kakak, Codes and Personal treat maid abuse, identity theft and fakery as something very futuristic when its all already happening now, as if the writers did little research.Normally Fixi delivers solid story collections but this one was not one of them. Overall I enjoyed this collection I will admit that a lot of the geographical references went over my head, but the cultural and political issues were fairly well laid out over the book.As with any collection, the content varied, and I didn t finish some stories usually due to being unrelentingly grim, but most had a balance between dystopia and fight against oppression The themes of personhood, surveillance and state oppression were pretty strongly represented, but many of the stories were humorous and some were hopeful.It did make me curious about the definition of Cyberpunk, especially the punk part of that, and how that has evolved over the last thirty years or so I got a copy of this book via goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review Then I lost the book so it s pretty horrifically late. Not going to lie I wasn t expecting much but I was impressed by this bunch of stories Always great to read speculative fiction set in a place I am familiar with, especially when it incorporates our very special culture. I must admit that before picking up this book I hadn t read anything marketed as cyberpunk I requested this book because I wanted to read some Malaysian science fiction From this collection, I got the feeling that cyberpunk isn t my favorite sub genre of SFF That being said, I did enjoy this collection of short stories set in Malaysia of the future or alternative present A majority made me think, like good speculative fiction should.There were two related things that made this collection difficult for me First was that the authors tended to assume that the reader knew certain things about Kuala Lumpur or about Malaysian society My knowledge of Malaysian society is scanty at best, so sometimes I had trouble understanding the references A bit description would have been helpful to smooth this out Since SFF usually creates an alternative reality, this is an important part of genre storytelling that sometimes felt missing in this anthology When reading speculative fiction, I shouldn t have to know any background except what the author gives me which wasn t the case for several of these stories Second, and related to the first, is that in several stories some of the most important lines are spoken in what I assume is Malay At least, I guess that they re the most important lines Having no background in the language, I was again left at a loss trying to figure out what they could possibly be saying I think that this is partially because of Fixi Novo s publishing manifesto 1 We believe that omputih gwailoh speak is a Malaysian language.5 We will not use italics for non American non English terms This is because those words are not foreign to a Malaysian audience italics are a form of apology.While I understand these sentiments and I applaud the publisher for saying in no uncertain terms that Malaysian words are not inferior to English ones , it makes it difficult for a non Malaysian reader to understand Perhaps footnotes or endnotes explaining what the words mean would help Or, since this is a speculative fiction book, the authors could have used the genre s techniques for introducing words from completely new languages In other words, I totally understand why these Malaysian terms were used, but as a non Malaysian reader I want to understand the stories too Read the rest of the review, including my thoughts on each story, on my blog The stories are all solid and set in interesting future Malaysias Attack of the Spambots about advertisers taking things too far stood out.I liked the main characters and premise of What the Andromaid Reads at Night but the ending seemed abrupt The Wall that Wasn t a Wall is dark, as is October 11