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@READ EBOOK Ì BABY DADDY õ Malik Stood In Front Of The Judge, A Strong, Confident Brother With A No Nonsense Attitude He Was Here Today For Full Custody Of His Son, And He Would Fight With Everything Inside Him To Attain It Too Many Brothers Had Fallen By The Wayside For Lack Of A Good Father Today The Tables Would Turn Your Honor I M Not The Best Speaker, But Allow Me To Read Something That Lets You Know That I M The Best Parent For My Child Proceed Mr King Your Honor I Throw Myself On The Mercy Of The Court Yesterday I Was A Drug Dealer Who Destroyed His Community Today I M A Responsible Business Man Who Builds It Yesterday I Didn T Care Whose Life I Ruined, Home I Wrecked, Or Woman I Disappointed Today I Uplift Lives, Create Homes, And Respect Women Yesterday I Didn T Give A Damn And Now I Have A Love For My People I Even Love My Son S Mother Despite Her Present Job As An Exotic Dancer And The Number Of Inappropriate Men She S Brought In Front Of My Son I Love Her Because Of Her Ambition I Love Her Because She Gave Me My Son, But She Isn T The Proper Parent For Him You Need To Give Me My Son Give Me My Son So I Can Show Him How To Be A Responsible Man Who Loves Not Only His People, But Takes Care Of His Woman Give Me My Son So I Can Teach Him To Build His Community, As Opposed To Destroying It Give Me My Son So I Can Teach Him How To Be A Man And Have A Purpose Give Me My Son Because I Love Him And He Needs To Be With His Father Your Honor I M Begging You Give Me My Son The Judge Sat There With Tears In Her Eyes For The Emotion Shown In The Court And So Did His Baby Mama Before The Judge Could Say A Word Destiny Turned To The Judge And Said Your Honor Give Him My Son The Author Is Quoted As Saying, If You Aren T Supporting A Brother With Something To Say Then What Are You Supporting Great book Great to see a book about positivity I Love Vincent Morris I look forward to reading of him Great job Success, a must readThe book starts in turmoil and moves through to Mr Morris weaves a book of dreams that young people of today should read Be inspired to greatness from yourself. Five StarsI wish I could give this is a book everyone should read Mr Vincent Morris I m a new fan thank you for this book.