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!Download Pdf ⚆ The Scent of Rain ⚑ It rained the day Damien proposed A gentle falling rain that carried the salt from the ocean and released the scents from the nearby flowering bushes Madi thought he couldn t have chosen a romantic time or place than the little pavilion beside the beach with the rain providing a veil around them As he slipped the solitaire ring on to her finger she thought she must be the happiest person alive Damien loved her Damien Hamilton was everything Madeline Johnstone could wish for Tall, good looking, charming, and with an exciting career, she couldn t believe that he had chosen her The day of their wedding she believed all her dreams had come true Little did she know that the nightmare was only beginning The choices Madi makes will cause ripples that will affect not only her but also her daughter, Jaena, her family and friends, destroy a lifelong friendship, and jeopardise Jaena s relationship with the handsome Mitchell Gallagher Judge not lest ye be judged.The Scent of Rain is a sweet Christian romance by Julieann Jones.I loved the intertwining of two stories and two generations.We see the romance with many ups and downs.The thing we learn from this book is not to judge other people. snore Story that pulls at the heart strings as two young people meet and discover that their family histories collide and involve misunderstanding, judgement and regret Yet through it all they are able to mend past hurts, build bridges and find true love