~EBOOK ♕ From Apple Trees to Cider, Please! ☫ PDF or E-pub free

~EBOOK ♦ From Apple Trees to Cider, Please! ♉ Grab the wagon, it s a bright autumn day and the trees are full of ripe, red apples There s an apple festival underway at the farm and lots of work to do making cider This visit finishes with a cider doughnut and a cup of freshly pressed cider DELICIOUS Told in crisp, action driven rhymes from a young child s point of view, From Apple Trees to Cider, Please is a realistic account of how apple cider is pressed, flavored with the charm and vigor of a harvest celebration An excellent story to get you in the mood for apple picking Told in rhyming text format, this story shows children the apples journey from growing on trees until they are made into apple cider The illustrations are cute and colourful and go perfectly with the story. Really enjoy reading this with my kids every season We always read it before visiting the orchard and this year was no different I found that my oldest wasinterested in the process this year andengaged in the illustrations He even asked to see a video on the cider making process. A great book just in time for fall The mother and daughter go to the orchard to see the apples grow and learn how cider is made Then, surprise there s an apple festival where they can taste other yummy apple treats It was sort of a How it s Made for preschoolers Perfect for an apple story time. Awesome simple rhymes We get to go through the process of making apple cider at an orchard. Nice fall ish book about apples done in rhyme I think its a good one for a story time with the kiddos preschool to 3rd grade Illustrations are busy and have lots of fun things to look at Informative, too Nice illustrations of apple cider making. The story was so so, but the illustrations were phenomenal So bright and colorful and cheery. Who knew what it took to make apple cider This book will walk children through the apple cider making process from the orchard to the enjoying a cool glass of cider and everything in between. Talk about lack of diversity Every single person is the same shade of beige Every single woman and girl is wearing a dress And only men, not women, are depicted operating machinery or really doing any work at all. No idea why this isn t hitting me the way it should be, because it s perfect on paper for fall storytime.