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&Free Pdf ⇷ TIgers In The Forest ⇫ This Allegory symbolizes the challenges of nurturing and protecting children, in the sometimes harsh realities of the world Therefore, this short story is dedicated to all parents, or caretakers of children, a very important and difficult job Foreword I m an Educator, in the field of Education I have taught Physics, as a teaching Fellow, in the Science department at Harvard University I have also taught in schools in China, and also Japan I have also taught, as a volunteer, in the junior high schools of Boston s public school system These experiences gave me the chance to meet many different kinds of people from very diverse cultures Although these cultures are very different, I have found one thing in common No matter where I went or who I met, I saw that the children from each of these cultures were faced with the same dangers These dangers where not the dangers of anything physical, such as being in the path of a car, truck or tiger The danger that the children faced was something much lethal, the invisible spoken word A harshly spoken word to a child is often not seen or heard by the parents or caretakers of the child Often, the words are invisible to everyone, except the child This leaves the children defenseless, in a world they cannot understand KDJohnson