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Let me preface this with the warning that this will have unhidden spoilers for The Burning Maze as well as attempted hidden spoilers for The Tyrant s Tomb Also, incoherence, profanity, and rambles, etc, because I have no chill when it comes to Rick Riordan You ve been warned When we left Apollo and Meg at the end of The Burning Maze, it was just about the most brutal sendoff to a Rick Riordan book since The Mark of Athena And by that, I mean, Jason Grace fucking died in perhaps the most brutal way possible that is, getting impaled by some evil Roman empire, getting his broken body dumped unceremoniously on the beach, and his last hurrah in a coffin, the last we see of our favourite Roman praetor turned dork So Yeah I was pretty desperate to get my filthy little gremlin hands on this book after that ending It turns out, Rick s still taunting us for telling him, Hey, you should have killed people during Heroes of Olympus, because he continues absolutely brutalizing his readers by re introducing Jason in his coffin and showing up with a hearse before coming back to our beloved characters last seen several years ago Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, and Reyna Ramirez Arellano Reyna Oh, Reyna I have missed her it has been five years since we last saw the praetor of Rome She s probably one of my favourite characters in the whole series because Reyna is so damn powerful and strong and determined I was absolutely thrilled to see her again as a main character It s also so lovely to see Frank back in action I know a lot of people disliked Frank s supernatural body change, and Rick reneged on that a bit, making Frank the adorable teddy bear that could probably kill you but definitely doesn t want to that we all know and love I missed Frank so much He s my favourite Chinese Canadian son of Mars I also adored Hazel s storyline, and even though Frazel wasn t really my bread and butter during The Heroes of Olympus, they really grew on me here Spoilers from here on out view spoiler We also see a lot of old characters from the last series, which is exciting, but most of them die, which isn t so exciting Rick took those Please kill people, it s war, comments to heart Rick also seems determined to pick the Seven off one by one, for some reason, and a lot of this book had me absolutely screaming into my pillow Frank s stick of firewood comes into play again, and the Roman emperors can only be killed by fire, and I ll let you come to your own conclusion about how that plays out Yeah There s a lot going on in this book about fate, like in all of Rick Riordan s books, and reading about Frank had me on the edge of my seat and in tears Unlike literally every other new Riordan release I have read, I was not spoiled for this, so I was genuinely fearful and gritting my teeth for the worst to happen Apollo s entire character in this series can be best described as suicide by words, because the amount of second hand embarrassment I got while reading this book is palpable But Apollo continues to go through so much character development, and considering what an absolute dirtbag god Apollo was, there s a lot of character to develop We get of a deep dig into the mythology of Apollo, what made him him throughout the whole time the Riordanverse has been going on and how he got to hit rock bottom And I really love how Rick is digging into the obscure parts of Greco Roman mythology, incorporating mythology from other cultures in offhand mentions a nod, perhaps, to the series in his imprint , as well as examining the mythology of one particular character closely It all somehow works very well to build Apollo s character and how complex this doofus actually is Also Apollo continues to be the single most relatable bisexual character Romance disaster I m poison for guys and gals You wanna hang out is one of the chapter titles, and any bisexual who s ever joked about how being bi just gives the opportunity to be rejected by double the amount of people can relate Zero divided by two is still zero, after all And Apollo s offhand comment about hot firefighters made me snicker and want to high five him, because, yeah, mood Even though I do believe that the Trials of Apollo series reads significantly sillier than either of Rick s two previous series, with a myriad of pop culture and history references that people of all ages will get, the themes addressed are far from silly or childish Running through the series and into this book are the themes on home, found family, and childhood trauma, and Rick really does dig into the last one here Meg and Apollo are directly stated to be survivors of abusive parents Apollo even points out Jupiter as his abuser And even though it s shown that a lot of Apollo s reasoning for his heinous behaviour and bullying as a god is indirectly because of the cracks in self esteem from his abuse, it most certainly does not excuse him from perpetuating a cycle Apollo is given the chance to atone and realize his actions were absolutely unacceptable, and he doesn t get any breaks from the other characters in being forced to that realization either Forgiveness might help, but sometimes, the person who abused you or bullied you doesn t deserve forgiveness, regardless of understanding, and it s okay, as long as you re at peace with yourself A lot of people in New Rome are also suffering from post traumatic stress as well, this time from combat and the death of friends and family Unlike in the Heroes of Olympus, it s not glossed over, or brushed to the side There are some very honest and painful conversations in this book that will ring true for survivors of trauma, or anyone who s ever lost someone close to someone and have had to grieve Despite the silliness of the narration and the absolute disaster that Apollo is, this book faces these serious topics with a lot candor and realism than Rick used to I do want to point out something that made me deeply uncomfortable, and that s Reyna s characterization and fate at the end, and especially all that regarding her sexuality I headcanon Reyna as a lesbian, partially because of my own reading as a sapphic woman and partially because I ve read headcanons of other teen and young adult lesbians who deeply resonate with Reyna s story Rick Riordan seems to be doing his damndest to shut down that headcanon, despite him saying that we re welcome to headcanon Reyna however we want Some of Reyna s comments seemed not only a dig at the fans who hold that lesbian Reyna headcanon close, but an absolute failure at, you know, portraying Reyna as straight, and reinforcing the subtext that Reyna is actually a repressed queer woman Reyna doesn t affirm or deny attraction to either men or women and seems to consider both as equally likely for her to date, but frankly, her attraction to men just isn t there at all, and there s definitely a reading that the fervent denial of her and Thalia being together is evidence that yes, actually, she likes girls Also, joining a cult of eternal maidenhood with your best gal pen pal That s not gay at all s Whether you see her as lesbian, bisexual, or aro ace is frankly no concern of mine, because there s valid readings on all sides And I do think it would have been powerful, of a self acceptance plot, if Reyna realized her trying to attatch herself to any male roughly equal to her position romantically was the result of compulsory heterosexuality and, undoubtedly, the heavy trauma that comes with running what s essentially an army of childhood soldiers in wartime as someone who isn t even out of her teens yet It really does read like Reyna s only looking for a partner because she s essentially the parental figure of this army camp full of young teenagers and knowing Reyna s history with her abusive father, and lack of a mother, and knowing that the majority of residents of Camp Jupiter are also in the same situation is obligated to find a male parental figurehead to cope, giving the Twelfth Legion the parents that neither of them ever had But, you know, enough psychoanalyzing here, can you tell I m an analysis starved English major I mean, I m certainly not accusing Rick of being homophobic We do get a young Jewish tap dancing lesbian in this book, Lavinia Asimov, and she s so relatable and definitely my favourite new character of this series in addition to being one of the bravest and most determined characters to show up and save New Rome, which really is saying something I love girls too much to even think about joining the Huntresses Gods What a mood But what I am saying is that there s a deeply pervasive divide between how we as a society think about queer women as opposed to queer men that Rick Riordan, unfortunately, falls prey to, and it is worth thinking about, and something that I want to address with examples across the whole canon of children s literature, when my brain manages to regenerate a couple neurons On the flip side, we do get Reyna absolutely losing her shit when Apollo asks her out, along with possibly the worst second hand embarrassment I ve ever had, and me cackling right along with Reyna I am not sure I have ever laughed that hard or been that embarrassed for someone in a book also can we talk about the fact that Reyna not wanting to tap god Apollo is even evidence that she s a big ol LESBIAN okay no okay The humor in this book is silly, and it definitely breaks up the serious story beats, but my absolute favourite moment in this book was Apollo stuttering out a, Maybe I could, um, be, uh, your boyfriend, and Reyna s HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA following Apollo for a good three pages A delight, 10 10 moment, Rick Riordan played all of us who feared that Reyna and Apollo were about to happen Prophecies really don t come true in the most direct way, and Reyna got to laugh than she has in years, so I m pleased hide spoiler Excuse me, but did you just say Fall 2019 FALL 2019 WHAT THE HADES AM I SUPPOSED TO DO UNTIL THEN Real time footage of me rn 4.5 5HOLY CRAP THIS WAS INTENSE I can t even imagine how wild the finale to this series is going to be This book made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me FEEL The only reason it isn t five stars is that it didn t feel as layered as the Burning Maze was And I would have loved for some side character development But oh well, it was awesome either way, and I cannot wait for the last one 4.75 Golden StarsAs I said, I knew it was a 5 star of 2019 5th best My most anticipated release of 2019, lived up pretty well to my expectation.The first book I could start in its book birthday finished in 2 days which was quite a record I rated it when the count was number under 1000 you know me, I love to find trivia, details relations with my life everywhere I can XDI remember when book 1 in this series, the Hidden Oracle, just had been published It was the first book I could read along with the fandom, the first book after I joined demigods army, I was desperately looking for the book everywhere to read it because there was a chance that book might not be published in our country, thank goodness it was fake Now here I am,in the penultimate journeySmaller roller coaster comparing to the Burning Maze which had twists turns in like almost every pages constantly go on quests in every chapters Slightly less fun too but still full of excitements thrillers.Despite of what I said how my heart broke several times I m still crying just merely remember of the Burning Maze mended that wasn t fair , it was a great story.the jokes in descriptions comparisons.How he demonstrated Apollo both as a major deity with 4 thousands plus years old a 16 year old teenage boy he really is both XD the meaning of friendship family lied in the pages of this book.Apollo has definitely changed a lot I m proud of him.though still, Meg Big Baby Apollo I beg your pardon Meg Apollo are my newest Brotp Reyna you strong woman you re awesome The whole lot of second half of the book was just Wow when the story arrived at what covers show, I grinned like an idiot, like, weeeeeee this is what the pretty covers said I cried a lot at the end.many unexpected events happened beside all Riordan s unique writing style unique funny never getting old jokes, I love how he channeled into his other stories to remind what happened before, just casually reminding us that I always craved to see authors channeling to their other stories bless you Riordan you granted my bookish wish again Beside telling us the original myths references Apollo s life.Can I mention I m pretty sure Riordan reads memes this book showed he is a Marvel fan too just as first book showed he is a Supernatural fan I m so thrilled I really need to hear Apollo s songs, it would be great if we had tv shows of Riordanverse.a Must read if you like a Great Middle grade regardless of age fantasy, Greek mythology with unique fun, San Francisco, gods who have lost their powers, desperate last stands if you read enjoy all the 13 adventures before XD O next book, Where art thou World building premise 5Characters 5 Characters development 5Written style 5 Fun 5 Feelz 5Plot 5General idea 5 I WANT NICO DI ANGELO IN THIS BOOK I WANT ALSO PERCY AND ANNABETH BECAUSE I NEED THEM Ha Ha Ha 2019 Ha ha ha slow clap 5 mins later drinks too much sleeping pills to induce forced hibernation while listening to Wake me up when September ends Just gonna wait it out Ha ha ha ARE YOU KIDDING ME.FALL.FALL OF FREAKING 2019.how will I live that long I m still speechless so I m just gonna say that please Rick make sure Apollo remembers, he needs to I want to read so bad this but at the same time I m so scared I don t wanna touch it. Reading this book felt like a duty rather than a hobby for me I still remember how much I loved the previous book, The Burning Maze, which made me scream in shock after I finished Yet The Tyrant s Tomb didn t give me any of those feelings, it failed.Lester, aka Apollo, embraced a new journey in this book to Camp Jupiter He and Meg met Lavinia while fighting off some hideous creatures This should have been interesting with Rick Riordan s writing style that astounded me whenever I read his books, but it didn t work at all I felt bored I wanted to skip some chapters so badly, anyway, I waited and hoped that Uncle Rick might have something up his sleeve.No, he didn t have Around the middle of the book, I was fed up with Lester even though his character had been developed since the first book but when it comes to The Tyrant s Tome, everything just stops Character development Humor Climax Pace Everything just bored me to death There is only filler in this book that will lead us to the last book which is about warring with Nero, aka the Beast view spoiler Also, at some point, I felt Jason s death was insignificant hide spoiler ^KINDLE ✐ The Tyrants Tomb (The Trials of Apollo, #4) ↜ In his penultimate adventure, a devastated but determined Apollo travels to Camp Jupiter, where he must learn what it is to be a hero, or die trying.It s not easy being Apollo, especially when you ve been turned into a human and banished from Olympus On his path to restoring five ancient oracles and reclaiming his godly powers, Apollo aka Lester Papadopoulos has faced both triumphs and tragedies Now his journey takes him to Camp Jupiter in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the Roman demigods are preparing for a desperate last stand against the evil Triumvirate of Roman emperors Hazel, Reyna, Frank, Tyson, Ella, and many other old friends will need Apollo s aid to survive the onslaught Unfortunately, the answer to their salvation lies in the forgotten tomb of a Roman rulersomeone even worse than the emperors Apollo has already faced.