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~EPUB ⚒ Fire and Ice ♻ As the city of Rome falls to the Barbarian Horde, Eli must face his toughest challenge yet Alaric He is an agent of the Order of Disorder, the Visigoth King, and a man bent on recovering the Keys to Forever at any cost Colonel Brady Arnold, Eli s brother turned agent after years of brainwashing by the Order, also continues his relentless pursuit of Eli and the Keys Secrets are revealed as information about people from Eli s past, present, and future emerges Answers seem to yield only questions Will Eli survive Alaric s games Can Brady be convinced of his deception and saved Is Eli prepared to learn the truth about himself and the roll he was chosen to play From the fires of Rome to the ice of North America, danger lurks around every corner Nothing is certain And as always, things aren t what they appear to be