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!Free E-pub ♰ The Many-Faced Argument ♶ The Many Faced Argument presents a compilation of essays on the ontological argument for the existence of God, covering responses to Anselm s position in the st half in the nd half, covering developments of the argument in the context of modern philosophy Along with contributions by editors Hick McGill, other writers include Karl Barth, Andre Hayden, Anselm Stolz, Bertrand Russell, Jerome Shaffer, Gilbert Ryle, Aime Forest, Norman Malcolm Charles Hartshorne While interest in the the ontological argument has arisen from various disciplines historical, theological philosophical the purpose of this book is to bring these varied writings together so scholars students within each discipline may have contributions from other fields readily availablePrefaceThe argument in Anselm Proslogion AnselmCriticism reply Gaunilo AnselmRecent discussions of Anselm s argument Arthur C McGillA Platonic justification for the argument a priori A BeckaertA presupposition of the proof the name of God Karl BarthProslogionThe special existence of God Karl BarthThe role of the fool in St Anselm the necessarily apostolic character of true Christian reflection Andr HayenAnselm s theology in the Proslogion Anselm StolzThe argument in recent philosophy Is Existence a predicate John HickGeneral propositions existence Bertrand RussellExistence, predication the ontological argument Jerome ShafferMr Collingwood the ontological argument G RyleMr Ryle the ontological argument EE Harris St Anselm s argument in relfexive philosophy Aim ForestAnselm s ontological arguments Norman Malcolm What did Anselm discover Chas HartshorneThe irreducibly modal structure of the argument Chas HartshorneA critique of the second argument John HickSelected BibliographyIndex of TopicsIndex of Names The existence of God by John Hick 1964 A good survey of the give and take of one of the most puzzling ideas in philosophy and theology.