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EBOOK ⚠ Impossible Love (Unforeseen Destiny, #1) ⛈ Kai Hale is living the life Tour guide by dayPlayboy by nightHe follows one ruleDon t fall for the tourists The plan is easy until this sexy brunette breezes onto the island Suddenly she s everywhere On his tour On his beachIn his mindFalling for a mainlander is a bad idea But what harm would one date be He s strong enough to let her goSo he thinks But her vacation offers than one surprise, and he finds himself deeper than first expected Is his heart strong enough to survive Book one in the Unforeseen Destiny series, Impossible Love is a standalone romance If you like hot, tattooed tour guides, click to meet Kai in this angsty romance with impossible odds Oh my gosh, loved reading Kayla Kai s story Made me laugh, cry and scream Recommend to all WowWords can t even describe this book I m not even sure how I found it but I m so glad I did This might be my favorite book I ve read this year I won t lie it was hard on me at times Brought back some tough memories but was so worth it I ve always wanted to go to Hawaii and after reading this book my mind hasn t changed it makes me want to go even I absolutely loved Kayla and Kai Now I m excited to read about his best friend in a novella and book two which features Kayla s best friend Staci If your looking for a book with ALL THE FEELS then this book is for you So glad I found it. 4 dreamy sigh stars This is a book that rewarded me with a good read when taking a chance on an author new to me I didn t know what to expect but Kimberly Readnour kept me engaged and entertained The story is new adult genre which means raging hormones, young stupidity and earnest love is most likely going to happen The good news is it all happens strategically so it isn t overbearingly simple or immature The hero and heroine are kind of different in their life approach with one living in Kauai working with no thoughts of college while the other is entering her senior year of college with a plan for another degree The funny thing about difference is how it tends to not be able to stand against attraction Kayla was raised by a single mother and her vacation with said mother to Kauai is a way to lessen a blow Kayla doesn t know this in the beginning but that s what it is Kayla also learns the identity of her biological father and falls in love Basically, her vacation is a whirlwind of emotions and kind of like a roller coaster gone terribly wrong at some points I have to say I did like her and find myself feeling her for her Kai is an island born and bred guy He is also a bit of a fuckboy in that he has sex with no strings He s not interested in a relationship but he does enjoy the physical aspects of a female He works hard and lives on his own He s charming, witty and a bit of a douche Once allowed to see beneath his exterior, he becomes a very real and multi dimensional character All in all, Kai was a great hero for the heroine. Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review Be still, my pitiful beating heart This book made me want to jump on a plane and rush off to an exotic island to find my own Kai And I don t even like the beach Kayla is an ambitious, hardworking, and independent gal who hasn t had a lot of experience in matters of the heart or body When her mother surprises her with a trip to Kauai, a Hawaiian island, she prepares for some fun in the sun during her winter break.On Kayla s first outing after arriving in Kauai, she meets a handsome and charming local guide who immediately becomes smitten by her Though their meeting is brief, Kai can t seem to get the timid brunette out of his head She has made quite an impression on him, already.But even though Kai and Kayla begin to enjoy each other s company, it is with the knowledge that their time together is limited Any brewing romance is doomed because Kayla will soon return home to her studies and their beach fling cannot possibly withstand the strain of a long distance relationship.Unfortunately, this isn t the only thing standing in their way Meddling ex s, surprising confessions, illness, and long kept secrets wreak havoc on any chance of Kayla and Kai having a future together.I loved this book The pacing was good, dual POV was insightful, the scenery was perfectly described, and the overall writing was spectacular I read this on my phone and carried it all around the house with me, not wanting to put it down I laughed and gasped and swooned It really was a fun read.Also, it was so nice to read about characters who didn t constantly overreact to conflict, as well A lot of books I ve read make me want to slam my head against a wall because characters are often written as ridiculously overly dramatic These two characters did have a full range of emotions but also a good dose of common sense They behaved in a way that was realistic and believable, which made the story even enjoyable.In closingI am excited that this is going to be a series I wonder if Kayla s friend, Staci, might be a possible leading lady in books to come I am still curious about the history there between Staci and Brian Either way, I look forward to reading from Kimberly Readnour Five blazing suns Full review on blog