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I actually enjoyed reading it even though it took me a long time to finish it It s interesting to know about all the mysteries that happened and all the theories that people came up with in relation with the characters that are featured in the book. Really well done *Ebook ☃ Lost Bodies ⇨ Lost Bodies presents to you the ultimate in cold cases the great figures of history whose mortal remains have vanished or are shrouded in mystery History and the bodies of the most famous truly move in mysterious ways Along with short biographies of their lives, Lost Bodies explores the controversies surrounding the deaths, as well as the theories about what may have happened to the bodies of some of the highest profile people in history as it attempts to find them This is just one part of an ongoing search by archaeologists and historians to uncover the past Inspired by the discovery of Richard III in Leicester, England, the king in the car park , Lost Bodies features persons who went missing post mortem from bodies that went on walkabout Eva Peron was snatched inonly to reappear in , badly in need of some work to those that are well and truly lost Cleopatra, Hitler