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!Free Kindle ♵ Lehne's Pharmacology for Nursing Care ♧ Get hands on practice applying your knowledge of nursing pharmacology with Pharmacology Online for Lehne s Pharmacology for Nursing Care, th Edition This interactive, visually engaging online course features self study modules, interactive case studies, videos, animations, NCLEX Examination style quizzes, and interactive activities to help you master key principles in nursing pharmacology and perfect your critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills Other than the fact that I was forced to read all 100 chapters of this book in one semester, it is actually a really good resource Also, I love it dearly for its description of yawngasm associated with the antidepressant Anafranil Yeah So much information it made my head hurt The gratification from figuring it out made it all worthwhile Or maybe it was my oddly attractive way too old professor who made it worthwhile The character development was remarkable Must store the unopened book under refrigeration, should not be frozen May experience itchiness after administering the first chapter. I cannt read it Is this a god damn joke shit I used a previous edition of this textbook when I first became a nurse, and was not surprised to read it again as I continue my degree Lehne does an excellent job presenting this material to students. Excellent, excellent resource for clear, concise explanations regarding pharmacological treatments along with pathophysiology, so you can really understand how the drug works This is a great book. Yes, it s for school If I put it in here, I may actually read it like I m supposed to If I have to read these monstrous texts i m going to bloody well count them towards the number of books I read in 2012 Though this one counts as 10 books, right It certainly weighs as much Information is clear and concise, giving you the bits you need to know in obvious, large print, and then the finer details or further reading in finer print.