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@E-PUB ì The Black Economy In India á In, according to various estimates, the black economy constituted aboutper cent of the national economy, which was larger than either its primary or secondary sectors Since then black income generation has increased not only through both legal real estate transactions, the share market and illegal hawala, financial scams, gold smuggling activities but also via instances of corruption The New Economic Policies expected to counter its growth have been unsuccessful in containing it In this empirically rich and finely argued book, Arun Kumar critically examines the standard explanations for the causes and consequences of black income generation and the methods suggested for curbing it His incisive analysis lays bare the pernicious effects of black income on the macroeconomy and the resultant inefficiency, waste and sub optimality in the economy and society It also spotlights the role of criminalization and the emerging nexus of the businessman, politician and bureaucrat in perpetuating the black economy Showing the limited success of technical remedies like the VDIS, Arun Kumar argues in favour of structural remedial measures, which include empowering people through a right to information act This revised edition has a foreword by ex Prime Minister VP Singh and new appendices on employment and income in illegal activities in India and money laundering Not recommended.Poorly written Repeated stats and numbers. One of the best books on how black money originates and makes it way through our economy A must read for anybody who considers himself herself a corruption crusader.