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{READ KINDLE} õ Augment's Essential Guide to Augmented Reality ¸ This book by Augment, a venture backed AR enterprise software, is written as an overview of what augmented reality truly is, how it works, and the way it will revolutionize business A great summary of the potential for Augmented Reality in the business environment A perfect read for marketers and sales people looking to get a quick understanding of AR Amy Messenger, Managing Director, US Technology Practice, Ogilvy What makes Augment s ebook really standout is the detail to which they outline the technical process behind AR Phil Voulgaris, Senior Product Marketing Manager API Platform Developer Services at ATT ChapterWhat is Augmented Reality Current Landscape Discussing the leaders in AR software and hardware ChapterHow Augmented Reality Works The technical process behind AR D Models and Processing Augmented Reality SDKs Tracking Rending ChapterAR for Enterprise How AR will revolutionize business How AR Applies to Enterprise AR and the Business Life Cycle In this augmented reality book, we ll begin with explaining how augmented reality AR differs from virtual reality and which software and hardware teams are currently leading the AR market In Chapter , we look at the process of creating D models and the technology used to make an AR experience Chapterwill give you a forecast of how augmented reality will change enterprise from design, BB sales, marketing, and omni commerce retail At Augment our mission is to seamlessly connect our physical and virtual experiences Together, we want to change the way people see and imagine the world around them Overall, augmented reality can be applied to many industries entertainment, gaming, navigation, design, marketing, sales, omni commerce retail just to name a few With such a revolutionary technology, we felt it was important to show what AR can do at the ground level as well as give insight into where it s headed As the definitive augmented reality book on the market, enjoy discovering the landscape of augmented reality and the way it is maturing in the coming years through this read