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UBC, Phys 100 101 Introductory Physics, Energy and Waves Clear and concise explanations, well illustrated, useful examples Very helpful books for studying introductory phys Helped me to pass my courses with flying colours great book {FREE} ⚫ Physics for Scientists & Engineers (CHS 1-37) õ Key Message This book aims to explain physics in a readable and interesting manner that is accessible and clear, and to teach readers by anticipating their needs and difficulties without oversimplifying Physics is a description of reality, and thus each topic begins with concrete observations and experiences that readers can directly relate to We then move on to the generalizations and formal treatment of the topic Not only does this make the material interesting and easier to understand, but it is closer to the way physics is actually practiced Key Topics INTRODUCTION, MEASUREMENT, ESTIMATING, DESCRIBING MOTION KINEMATICS IN ONE DIMENSION, KINEMATICS IN TWO OR THREE DIMENSIONS VECTORS, DYNAMICS NEWTON S LAWS OF MOTION, USING NEWTON S LAWS FRICTION, CIRCULAR MOTION, DRAG FORCES, GRAVITATION AND NEWTON S SYNTHESIS, WORK AND ENERGY, CONSERVATION OF ENERGY, LINEAR MOMENTUM, ROTATIONAL MOTION, ANGULAR MOMENTUM GENERAL ROTATION, STATIC EQUILIBRIUM ELASTICITY AND FRACTURE, FLUIDS, OSCILLATIONS, WAVE MOTION, SOUND, TEMPERATURE, THERMAL EXPANSION, AND THE IDEAL GAS LAW KINETIC THEORY OF GASES, HEAT AND THE FIRST LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS, SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS ELECTRIC CHARGE AND ELECTRIC FIELD, GAUSS S LAW, ELECTRIC POTENTIAL, CAPACITANCE, DIELECTRICS, ELECTRIC ENERGY STORAGE, ELECTRIC CURRENTS AND RESISTANCE, DC CIRCUITS, MAGNETISM, SOURCES OF MAGNETIC FIELD, ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION AND FARADAY S LAW, INDUCTANCE, ELECTROMAGNETIC OSCILLATIONS, AND AC CIRCUITS MAXWELL S EQUATIONS AND ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES, LIGHT REFLECTION AND REFRACTION, LENSES AND OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS, THE WAVE NATURE OF LIGHT INTERFERENCE, DIFFRACTION AND POLARIZATION, SPECIAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY EARLY QUANTUM THEORY AND MODELS OF THE ATOM Market Description This book is written for readers interested in learning the basics of physics