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|READ DOWNLOAD ♀ (E)Merging Identities: Graduate Students In The Writing Center ⚕ Fountainhead Press is pleased to introduce E Merging Identities Graduate Students in the Writing Center, the second book in the Fountainhead Press X Series for Professional Development E Merging Identities provides an overview of the challenges and rewards that await graduate student clients, tutors, and administrators in the writing center The text is intended as a resource not only for graduate students but also for faculty and writing center professionals who work with them Whether used as a classroom text or a professional development resource, E Merging Identities provides an opening for sustained conversations about theorizing the work graduate students do in the center as well as highlights the professional, academic, and personal stakes for graduate students in this environment Authors in this collection address such questions as How do graduate students navigate through the complicated work of being tutors and teachers, often simultaneously What are the benefits and drawbacks of working in and doing research on writing centers as a graduate student And what is the nature of the relationship between a graduate tutor and graduate and or undergraduate clients