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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ☾ SURVIVOR: The Coming Power Grid Collapse ⚖ Government is a liar It s the yearof the USA in a frightened society as the USA sinks as a super power with a new president at the helm When Stan s truck is wreaked miles from his home But things are about to get much worse the United States of America grid has collapsed There is no electricity and no map to his home Stan takes his stow bag and hits the trails for a grueling trek home His only hope is to start kicking butt and take names later Really poor grammerCalled his wife both male and femaleonly made it through ten pages before I had to give up and save my sanity. Be thankful people read this to save you from reading it.SERIOUSLY let your friends read it before you have it published if you can t afford an editor This book needs some help thankfully it was a free read for kindle customers, or I would be asking for a refund.