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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I really enjoyed the series However I liked the first one better Eli is a great character and the last book just kinda shoved him to the side And what s with him becoming a reverend And he tries dust after seeing the effects on Nappo Like seriously And after all that he ends up alone It made me kinda sad I also really liked Seth he had great character development and his relationship with Rosa is so sweet Overall though I really loved the trilogy despite the third book. I absolutely love this series, and I m sad it s over My emotions were all over the place, and this book was just perfect, maybe a little too much war, but good nonetheless. I liked reading the final book of the trilogy although there is a possibility to continue, so maybe but the constant war kind of got to me The relationships between characters are as interesting as ever though and I d recommend this to YA or sci fi readers. As the triplets separate Sabine to lead the Triskelians to battle with the Keys, Eli to lead the orphans to safety, and Seth to prove his loyalty to Sabine and Eli they manage to snatch victories from the shadow of defeat in a final conflict that costs them dearly. &DOWNLOAD EBOOK ↲ Storm ✙ Zenith is dead, and in her new role as leader, Sabine is struggling to guide Triskelia to victory in the battle against the Keyland Guard At first Sabine is grateful for Seth s army of boy soldiers and his seeming allegiance with the rebels, but as the casualties grow she begins to question his intentions Eli is tasked with escorting child refugees away from the frontline, and along the way he comes up with a peaceful strategy for helping the revolutionWhen the storm finally abates, who will go on to lead the new world, in whatever form it takes