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@READ E-PUB Â Born to Choose: Evolution, Self, and Well-Being ó Why do we make the choices we do In his new book, John H Falk sets out to offer a broad take on why humans make the never ending set of choices they do, every second of every day of their lives Synthesizing research from across the biological and social sciences, Falk argues that the complexities of human choice making arose over a long stretch of evolutionary time Combining synthesis with his own perspectives, he asserts that choice making is an ancient, biological mechanism that has undergone continuous refinement and retooling over the ages to accommodate the needs of ever complex life forms living ever complex lives What is often perceived as a single almost linear act is, in Falk s account, actually the integration of countless processes enabling a person to proactively navigate constantly changing realities within the social and physical world Highly engagingly written, Born to Choose offers a captivatingly fresh perspective that is sure to spark interest and debate It is an invigorating read that is suitable for all