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^Pdf ☉ The Looking Glass ☜ GIRLS IN TROUBLE.That s what Sylvie Blake s older sister Julia renamed their favorite fairy tale book, way back when they were just girls themselves Now, Julia has disappeared and no one knows if she s in trouble.Sylvie is trying to carry on Julia s impressive legacy at the prestigious National Ballet Theatre Academy, but Julia, ever the star of the show, can t stay hidden forever And when she sends Sylvie a copy of their old storybook with a mysterious list inside, Sylvie begins to see signs of her sister everywhere she goes She may be losing her grip on reality, but Sylvie has to find out if the strange, almost magical things she s been seeing have anything to do with Julia s whereabouts.With the help of her best friend s enigmatic brother and his beat up car, Sylvie sets out to the beat of a Fleetwood Mac playlist, determined to return to New York with her sister in tow But what Sylvie doesn t expect to learn is that trouble comes in lots of forms and that the damsel in distress is often the only one who can save herself.