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I love this little piece of smutty heaven Absolutely adored Hunter and Marcel Their dynamic together, especially with Laurel, is tender, passionate, and fucking hot I love the unique story line which sucked me in and spat me back out within the 40 odd pages It s a short little smutty read, but a bloody good one in my opinion. {FREE E-PUB} ï Treasure á Hunter and Marcel are in the business of International Acquisitions By force if necessary Okay, so they are modern day pirates, but they have a strict moral code They steal things, not people Unfortunately, their latest mission means their moral code get s thrown out to sea when they are forced to acquire Dr Laurel Whitney along with their prize Soon, they are hoping that the good Doctor might make their twosome into a threesome for a little pleasure at sea This is a MMF menage novella with a HEA Recommended forand fans of sexy modern pirates or hot anthropologists