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#DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⚡ Voyages: The Story of Emmanuel Laskar d'Font ⚻ Is love a curse or their salvation One man with a vision and a Vampyre aristocracy with an agenda Out of it was born the future of passion the future of everythingEmmanuel Laskar d Font made his decision He wanted to set the world free and save human lives He had renounced his throne and betrayed the Coven to discover the secrets that dwell in the mind of his former mate, Queen Mireya of Varinia He was the first Vampyre to lead the rebellion against the Coven and fall in love with a woman who would change everything From king to viscount to vagabond, Emmanuel knew the choices he d make would lead to ruin Still, they were necessary to protect the ones he loved For the sake of his daughter and his love, he would take this dangerous voyage To him, the philosophy of passion without restraint was the answer In him, the world would be changed forever First let me state, I received an Advance Reader Copy, ARC , but this in no way influences my review I always leave an honest review This story is about Kyra s mother and father, their forbidden love, and how she came to be I cried so hard with this story So make sure you have tissues nearby I look forward to reading the next I recommend this read 5 Thumbs up. amazing book i love it five star book i couldnt put it down i love it