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FREE EBOOK í The Capsicum Genome ó This book contains complete information of Capsicum genetic resources, diversity, evolution, history and advances in capsicum improvement from classical breeding to whole genome sequencing, genomics databases and its impact on next generation pepper breeding Capsicum is one of the most important Solanaceae crops grown worldwide as vegetables and spices Due to its high economic value and to meet the demands of enormous population growth amid biotic and biotic stresses, there has been an ongoing breeding program utilizing available genetic resources with desired traits to increase the sustainable productivity of this crop for several decades However, the precision breeding of this crop for desired traits only started with the advent of molecular markers The recent advances in high throughput genome sequencing technologies helped in quick decoding of trancriptome, epigenome, nuclear and organeller genomes thereby enhancing our understanding the structure and function of the Capsicum genome, and helping in genomics assisted breeding These advanced technologies coupled with conventional mapping have greatly contributed towards dissection and manipulation of economically important traits precisely and made less time consuming